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Created by dog lover and Professor, Matteo Pellegrini, who runs a UCLA lab studying dog genetics and epigenetics. Our test empowers dog lovers to care for their best friend.

By estimating your dog's breed, age, personality and health we can help you determine the most appropriate strategies to enhance your pup’s wellness.

We set out to make the science of genetics and epigenetics accessible to all dog owners who have a genuine interest in their dog’s health and well-being.

DNA testing kits

Determine the breed, age, oral health and personality traits of your dog



Have questions about our DNA testing kits? Curious about sample collection methods or the timeframe for receiving test results? Find answers to commonly asked questions below

Explore our FAQs to find the answers

How do you collect samples from your dog?

We ship an easy-to-use swab to collect saliva samples from your dog. You can see a video of the collection process.

How accurate is our age test?

We have found that using our DNA methylation-based age estimator we can predict the age of a dog within one year. The science behind our method can be found in our previously published study

How will the results be reported?

We will send a pdf of your dog's report by email. You can find a sample report here

How long will it take to receive the test results?

We will send your results within 4-6 weeks


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Explore the world of genetic and epigenetic K9 DNA testing and learn the true age, breed and health of your best friend