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Complete Breed and Health Test

Complete Breed and Health Test

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Discover your dog's complete genetic information with our Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) test. This comprehensive and advanced test provides 10,000 times more data than standard DNA tests, allowing for accurate detection of breed composition and potential health concerns. Stay informed and proactive about your dog's health with our industry-leading technology.

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Three Easy Steps

It's as simple as that!

  • 1. Collect Sample

    We ship you an easy to use swab to collect saliva samples from your dog. You can see a video of the collection process.

  • 2. Register + Mail

    Just follow the included instructions and return the collected sample by mail in the pre-paid packaging your test came in.

  • 3. Review Results

    Within four weeks, you'll receive a comprehensive report outlining your furry friend's age and personality characteristics.

What this test Reveals


Curious about your dog's breed?

Our comprehensive test analyzes your dog's entire genome and compares it to over 300 reference breeds to determine the breed composition. With one of the largest and continuously expanding reference breed databases available, we meticulously match each region of your pup's DNA to our database, providing an accurate breakdown of the breeds that make up your furry friend.


What health markers do we test for?

Our comprehensive Dog DNA Test analyzes 80 health and trait markers, drawing on the OMIA (Online Mendelian Inheritance in Animals) database. This test offers deep insights into your dog's genetic makeup, focusing on inherited diseases and key traits such as coat color, size, and behavior tendencies. The OMIA database is a leading resource for genetic information, ensuring that our test provides the most accurate and relevant results. Discover what your dog’s DNA reveals to take proactive steps toward their well-being.

More Information

How does our test differ from other dog DNA tests?

Whole genome sequencing (WGS) is like getting a full map of a dog's DNA, offering many benefits over older DNA tests like microarrays. Imagine if microarrays give us snapshots of a dog's genetics, then WGS gives us the entire map. This means we can see all the tiny details in a dog's genes, not just what we were looking for. It helps us find rare or new genetic traits that older tests might miss. This is important for understanding a dog's health, where they come from, and even unique things about their breed. Plus, as this technology gets better and cheaper, it's a gift that keeps on giving. We can keep learning new things from the same DNA data without having to test again. This makes WGS a more detailed and valuable tool for learning about our furry friends' genetic health and history.


What's Included in the test kit?

Product Includes:

  • Easy-to-use oral swab kit.
  • Detailed instructions for sample collection.
  • Comprehensive report with your dog's DNA analysis.

How do you collect samples from your dog?

We ship you an easy to use swab to collect saliva samples from your dog. You can see a video of the collection process.

How will the results be reported?

We will provide your dog's report by email.

How long will it take to receive the test results?

We will send your results within 4-6 weeks.

Can I obtain the whole genome sequence for my dog?

Please send a request to and we will provide your dog's data in a useful format, such as sequence files or variant calls.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Josh Arnold
Great Intel

Both of our dogs that were adopted were misclassified by the shelters. It was very helpful to understand what breeds actually make up our mutts.


It came & I returned the samples but haven’t heard anything since

Cindy F.
Wow! We were surprised!

Our family was surprised when these precise DNA results came in for our dog's breed. He was adopted from a dog rescue and were told that he was, according to their test results from a pet store DNA test kit a Chihuahua mix. The mix they said by their best guess was either a Dachshund and/or Jack Russell Terrier. Wrong! It took a more in-depth and experienced canine genetic testing company -Prosper K9 to test his DNA accurately. They discovered he was not any of the breeds the rescue stated! Well except the Dachshund part is one of his lines, but he has 4 other lines mixed into him. The primary one being Shih Tzu! No matter what he is, we love him all the same. We just wanted to know so we could familiarize ourselves with his real combination of breeds. The other parts of his results were outstanding! Not genetically predisposed to any health conditions. Awesome! Low results on inbreeding. Thank you ProsperK9 for clarifying all these true traits for our beloved pet and family. Your expertise, kindness and excellent customer service is greatly appreciated!

Jeanette A
Reveal great information about our adopted dog which will help us understand how to care for him ...

The ProsperK9 DNA test revealed much more detailed information about the breed of our dog and his potential predisposition to genetic illnesses. This test was more thorough than another brand test we had used, giving us much more useful information so we can understand how to care for our dog better.
We adopted our dog 3 years ago from a GSD rescue center and wanted more information to care for him better. He looks like a long haired German Shepherd and the test revealed he is a healthy mix of 4 different shepherd breeds - the good news is that he had not been interbreeding. We also found out that he is clear of predisposition to genetic illnesses. So great news.

I think these tests are worth it. If you’ve adopted a dog why not spend a little extra and get more information about your pet so you can understand their breed nature better (may help with training your pet) and find out more about potential health issues you can look out for and discuss with your vet as necessary.

I will be doing the ProsperK9 age test next.

Fantastic Tool for Dog Owner

This is an amazing product for any dog owner to purchase. It can help you learn so much about your furry friend! It is amazing to know possible health issues so an owner can start to address them as soon as possible. I would highly recommend this ProsperK9 DNA test to any dog owner.